Tuesday, April 14, 2009



Thursday, April 9, 2009

..My FeeLinG..

i want to be what i want to be.. tired to be what im right now... just leave me far away, i know u no longer need me anymore... i keep thinking of u untill im lost. Then finally i realize u r not that important for me, i had choosen the other ways instead of thinking of u all the time.. forcing myself... kinda HATE..


Arms fold...Head bows...Legs curl...Tears flow...
How can someone understand, what it means to be alone?
One person, one girl. Alone, in a grasping darkness called life..
She sits in her corner, tears blurring the world created for her by others..
Unloved, unexperienced, naked, naive, Innocent..
Death seems her only path, her only escape..
An easy wayout, from the pain, from the fear..
Redemption in a blade.....